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Andropause is often called the “male menopause.” As men age, they produce less and less testosterone. Men can start this decline as early as their 30′s, or 40’s when the body’s production of testosterone starts to drop by 1 – 2% each year. This decrease in testosterone can lead to a number of symptoms . Men can go through these changes quickly, with a sudden change, or more typically, slowly over a period of time, with a gradual hormone decline. Many times these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated through testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone may include:
            • Fatigue            
            • Weakness            
            • Insomnia            
            • Depression            
            • Diminished sex drive            
            • Mood changes            
            • Lean body mass reduction along with muscle mass and strength            
            • Loss of body hair            
            • Increase fat around abdomen

Benefits of customized Testosterone Replacement Therapy may include:
            • Improvement in Libido             
            • Increase in muscle mass and body composition            
            • Increase in strength             
            • Improvement in mood and depression            
            • Improvement in sleep and quality of life

Consultations / Seminars

Call or email about scheduling a CONSULTATION with our hormone specialist, Karen Muir, or start by signing up for our free SEMINAR to learn about hormone deficiencies and how hormone replacement therapy can start you on the road to a healthier life.

Please call 408-227-1098 to schedule an appointment for a complimentary 15 minute hormone consultation. 

 It is helpful to complete the Hormone Consultation Form (HRT) form:
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Fax (408-227-1206) or mail (6100 Hellyer Ave #100, San Jose, CA 95138) the completed form so our consultant receives the information at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to allow adequate time for review.


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