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San Jose, Ca. 95138

                                                     Phone:     408-227-1098      Monday - Friday 8 - 5 PST
Toll Free: 844-448-2291
Fax:          408-227-1206

Note: We do not offer any walk-in services. New prescriptions can be dropped off at any Safeway Pharmacy.
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Safeway Compounding Pharmacy only dispenses and ships prescription drugs to the following states in which they are licensed to practice:  CA, CO, HI, IL, MO, NV, RI, UT, WA WI, WY. Safeway Compounding Pharmacy does not currently dispense or ship prescription drugs to any other states. 
Safeway Compounding Pharmacy only compounds and dispenses prescription drug products to patients upon receipt of a valid, patient-specific prescription.

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